about rockits

RocKits are educational learning kits built for middle and high school educators interested in conducting a hands-on lesson on the rock cycle.

With the help of an awesome Austin-area AP Environmental Science teacher, Colleen Henegan, I've created a lesson plan that teaches students about the rock cycle through thin sections and hand samples. Because K-12 teachers typically don't have access to rocks -- let alone thin sections -- we decided to make our own classroom kits to loan out to any interested teachers. The kits are free, but shipping is $13 if you are outside of Austin, TX.

Teachers: email me ( to request a RocKit


RocKits were made possible thanks to friends and an anonymous donor from! Check out the original fundraising effort below.

Lesson plan available here.

Bernard, Rachel E. and Colleen Henegan (2018), A Polarizing View, The Science Teacher, 85 (1), 33-41.

Standards addressed in the lesson plan:


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My students need containers, rock specimens, and polarized film for a rock cycle thin section lab. I teach at a Title I charter high school in Austin, Texas, which works to make college possible for low-income students. As you walk through the halls of our school, you hear the excited chatter...